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Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AMDUR Hinda-Malka  9 Sep 1891Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4177 Zherdin family Tree 
2 AMDUR Jenta-Lea  c. 1879Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4051 Zherdin family Tree 
3 AMDUR Melech Girsh  c. 1877Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3877 Zherdin family Tree 
4 AMDUR Samuel-Leib  1884Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4052 Zherdin family Tree 
5 FAIM Jenta  1847Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I196 Alternative names 
6 KATZ Chana  c.1861Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3876 Zherdin family Tree 
7 KEIDAN Abram-Movsha  1888Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I2916 Zherdin family Tree 
8 KEIDAN Michael  3 March1867Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I2652 Zherdin family Tree 
9 KWIN Chaim  12 Jun 1890Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4570 Zherdin family Tree 
10 KWIN Nehamia  c. Mar 1887Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4569 Zherdin family Tree 
11 KWIN Yakov  15 May 1903Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I1512 Zherdin family Tree 
12 LEMPERT Eida  1841Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I2651 Zherdin family Tree 
13 MAFTSIR Shmuel   I2676 Zherdin family Tree 
14 SHALMAN Hirsch  Nov 1896Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4559 Zherdin family Tree 
15 ZERDIN Herzl  c. 1879Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I337 Alternative names 
16 ZHERDIN Hana  1863Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I193 Alternative names 
17 ZHERDIN Hana  1878-1879Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3644 Zherdin family Tree 
18 ZHERDIN Mina  1 Nov 1897Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3649 Zherdin family Tree 
19 ZHERDIN Movsha-Shloma  1846-1847Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I195 Alternative names 
20 ZHERDIN Rivka  c. 1858-1860Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4332 Zherdin family Tree 
21 ZHERDIN Solomon  12 May 1900Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3650 Zherdin family Tree 
22 ZHERDIN Sora-Dvorka  1847Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I190 Alternative names 
23 ZHERDIN Sora-Dvorka  c. 1847Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4330 Zherdin family Tree 
24 ZIV Hena-Etel  1893Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I424 Alternative names 
25 ZIV Meier  1892Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I423 Alternative names 
26 ZIV Musia  1890Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I422 Alternative names 
27 ZIV Peisach  1888Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I421 Alternative names 
28 ZIV Rochel  1896Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I425 Alternative names 
29 ZIV Tisla  c. 1885Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I420 Alternative names 
30 ZIWJAN Avraham Yitzkhak  Aug 1836Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I3704 Zherdin family Tree 
31 ZIWJAN Yakov or Yankel  1801Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4225 Zherdin family Tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 KWIN Kasriel  28 May 1919Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I2657 Zherdin family Tree 
2 KWIN Nehamia  23 Nov 1888Daugvpils, Latgale, Latvia I4569 Zherdin family Tree 

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