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51 Addreess on 29 Aug 1928 was 40 Kyverdale Road, Stamford Hill, London, England TEACHER Arthur (I2172)
52 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BARTLE Ruth Elena (I1909)
53 Address at time of David's birth was 195 South Lambeth Road
Address at time of Anna, Ruth and Sara's births was 15 Dennis Road, East Molesey 
FISCHER Rhoda Beatrice (I0586)
54 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BARTLE David John (I0737)
55 Address at time of marriage was 384 Seven Sisters Road,Finsbury Park, London

Millie White said:-

a) Joe came from Liverpool
b) That she saw Joe in about 1995 in the Ridley home in Church Road, Hendon where he was suffering from Alzheimers. 
PEPPERMAN Abraham Joseph (I3235)
56 Address at time of Rhoda's birth was 88 Lauriston Road, South Hackney
Address at time of Godfrey's birth was 78 Wargrave Road, South Tottenham. This could have been Gedaliah's address?

Alec Fischer and Morrie Caiden were partners in a handbag business in Wells Street Hackney.
FISCHER Alexander (I0137)
57 Address at time of Ruth's birth was 42 Beech Hall Crescent, Walthamstow, London LUTZES Brina (I0140)
58 Address on 23 April 1930 was 1a Ferntower Road, Newington Green, London, E.5. England BIRNE Joseph (I2170)
59 Address on 31 December 1939 was 627a Stoke Newington Road London England
Address at 25 March 1947 Guildford Street, Chertsey, Surrey, England
Address in 1956 was 14 Waterloo Road, Cardiff, Wales.

ZAVADSKY Harry (I2210)
60 Address on Edna's birth certificate was 46 Well Street, Hackney, London, England CAIDEN Joseph (I0130)
61 Address was 5M Hyde Park Mansions, Marylebone Road, London NW11. (tel was 723 7944) FOX Lotte (I3329)
62 Address: 11 June 1937 was 19 Mornington Road, Poplar, London, England WEINSTEIN Philip (I2260)
63 Address: 29 Fendale Road, Tottenham, 105 Crowland Road, Tottenham.

Changed name to George TOBIN by deed poll on 5 November 1946 
TOBOVITCH Gershon (I2199)
64 Address: 369 Commercial Road East, London, England RICHMAN Rachel (I2546)
65 Address: 43 Prescott Street, London, England PRZEPIORKA Regina (I2515)
66 Address: At the time of Paul's birth they lived at 301 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, England PODESCHWA Ervin (I2827)
67 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F268
68 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KRICHEVSKIY Yakov (I2668)
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TAYLOR David (I2518)
70 Addresses: 21 February 1937 at 253 Burdett Road, Stepney, London, England. 29 January 1948 at 180 High Road. Tottenham, London, England. 1c Earlsmead Road, Tottenham, London N.15.
TOBOVITCH Jacob Moses (I2484)
71 Addresses: 4 March 1906 it was 2 Spelman Street in East London, by 11 June 1907 it was 5 Sly Street, by 19 March 1910 it was 25 Kinder Street, 12 August 1915 it was 5 Quaker Street, 2 October 1918 it was 16 Hungerford Street, Commercial Road, 13 April 1920 it was 174 Old Ford Road. He then lived over a fish and chip shop at 196 Cassland Road. This was bombed in WWII and he moved to temporary accomodation at 287 Victoria Park Road, Hackney on 28 July 1941 before buying a shop at 328 Cann Hall Road in October 1941. KIKMAN Abram-Szloma (I2230)
72 Addresses: 5 Kings Market Parade, Hackney, London, England MARKS Sylvia (I2522)
73 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. TAYLOR Anthony (I2523)
74 Addresses:11 May 1950 was 1a Fenchurch Street, London HISCOCK Cecil Herbert (I2204)
75 Addresses:At time of Roy's birth lived at 57 Cable Street, Stepney. Birth certificate gives previous address as 22 Harley Street, Poplar TOBOVITCH Myer (I2488)
76 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BERMAN A SET OF FAMILY NOTES (I453)
77 After the cremation there was a memorial service at St Pauls, Bushey Hall Road, Bushey, Herts., England BELGROVE Christine Hilda (I2255)
78 Age 39 years in 1911 Census TOBOVITCH Abraham (I296)
79 Age. Esther's death certificate gave her age as 34 years in 1921 which makes her birth year 1887. The 1911 Census states her age as 27 which makes her birth year 1884. RIECHENBERG Esther Rebecca (I3741)
80 Alan Moss in an e-mail stated served in Army during 1914-18 war and was admitted to Royal Military Hospital possibly in 1930's to have a bullet removed.

Address at time of Rufus's birth was 22 Ramsgate Street, Cheetham, Manchester, England which was given as Polly's address on her marriage certificate.

Death certificate in name of Hyman Moss 
MOSES Hyman (I2290)
81 Alec FISCHER said Hyman had ichy feet and could not settle in one place. Source Gogfrey FISCHER. FISCHER Chaim (I3156)
82 Alexander Beider's book "A Dictionary of Given Names" shows both Jechejwet/Jachewet and Kheyvet as being derived from the name Yokhved who was the mother of Moses and Aaron. The German transcription of this name is Jochewd. The Polish transcription was Jechejwet pronounced Yekheyvet which was truncated to Kheyvet. PRESMA Jechewed (I3194)
83 Alien Registration Book no.1237245 issued 13 January 1925 at Bow Street mentioned a previous book no. 444130 reported lost (at a replacement cost 1/- i.e. one shilling) provided the following facts:-

1) Arrived in England 1905
2) Occupation Shoemaker
3) Address 13 January 1925 was 33 Clipstone Street, Fitzroy Square, London W1
4) Military service British Army 23 May 1915 to 12 January 1919
5) In May 1925 moved back to Ship Alley in the East End which was a very poor area off The Highway.
6) Initially book gives previous address as 73 The Highway. Later on in 1944 the book states that his occupation was a shoe repairer working from residence at 73 The Highway.
7) Retired 8 December 1951 and moved to 135 Commercial Road
8) 31 May 1954 Moved in with Alma and Gerry at 52 Southfields Hendon London NW4 
FINN Jacob (I2429)
84 All details originated through ancestry web site  KAUFMAN Herszek Abramowicz (I204)
85 All of the information regarding Abram-Movsha is derived from the Latvian State Archive. The tree is displayed under Israel ZHERDIN Family F52
86 All the information about Abraham JCZUNKA, his wife and descendants are based upon information produced by Elliot PONCHICK and dated 8 Mar 1989 JCZUNKA Abraham (I2711)
87 All the information about Sarah JCZUNKA, her husband and descendants are based upon information produced by Elliot PONCHICK and dated 8 Mar 1989
JCZUNKA Sarah (I2712)
88 Allen Moss stated in an e-mail dated 6 Oct 2005 that Polly Stone landed in Hull when she first came to England in 1907. She then went to London where she attended the Jewish Free School. STONE Polly (I2291)
89 Allen's US World War II Army Enlistment Record shows:-

Name - Allen B KODISH
Birth year - 1921
Race - White, citizen
Nativity State - Pennsylvania
State - Alaska
Enlistment date 9 Dec 1941
Enlistment State - Pennsylvania
Enlistment City - Phiadelphia
Branch - Air Corps
Branch Code - Air Corps
Grade Code- Private
Term of Enlistment - Enlistment fot the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the disrection of the President or otherwise according to law.
Component - Army of the United States
Source - Civil Life
Education - 4 years of high school
Civil Occupation - Installer-Repairman, Telephone and Telegraph or Chief, Clerk or Railway Shop Dispatcher or Manager, Production or Entertainment Director.
Marital Status - Single, without dependants
Height - 69
Weight - 165
KODISH Allen B (I2466)
90 Although Christine Udin's translation of Yosil PREZMA's mothers name is Ekheved I believe it should be Yokhved.  Yokhved-Rochel (I4233)
91 Although I have no direct proof I believe that Millie STONE's maiden name was FOX and that she was born in Myszyniec, Poland. The book "Where We Once Walked" by Gary Mokotoff and Sallyann Sack provides the alternative spelling for this place as Mishenits, Mishenitz, Mishinyets or Mishnits. Although it difficlt to decipher the 1911 Census of England and wales could provide this as the birthplace of Isaac and Millie STONE. Her sister was Essie STONE, as shown in the 1911 Census, and the place of birth appears to be the same as Chanuch FOX, as given by his son Mick when I interviewed him. FOX Millie (I3232)
92 Although I have no documentary evidence I am sure that Isaac's surname in Poland was RAJCHENBERG RAJCHENBERG Isaac (I2427)
93 Although registered as Heya I am sure that it was pronounced Chaiya.

Solomon's Alien Registration document calls her Fanny.

Throughout my life she was known as Fay

Fay appears to have moved around a lot during the WWII years. Her address on her marriage papers is given as 62 Overton Drive which was the home of Polly and Sid ZERDIN whilst when Zena was born her home address is given as 89 Grove Green Road which was Debbie and Harry ZERDIN's address. Her medical card showed 5 addresses in addition to the two above prior to he moving to 32 Second avenue, Porters Field, Leyton E.10. By the time Colin was born in 1948 her address was 32 Second Avenue Leyton E10 which I remember as a prefab on an estate of prefabs erected to house people whose homes were destroyed in the war. 
KICKMAN Heya (I2232)
94 An Airgraph dated 19 September 1943 is addressed to:-
1081689 D/M ZERDIN S.
126 A/TK BTY R.A.

It is difficult to read but appears to say:-

" I was very pleased to recieve your Airgraph dated 21-6-43 and too know you are keeping well, your Airograph has been quite a while reaching me. Florrie has wrote and I must congratulate you on the Baby Boy and I am also glad to know that they are both well. I am glad to know that Ben is alright but he has not wrote to me for a while.

I suppose you have heard that Bob is a prisoner of war in Jap hands but he is safe and well. I am going to send him something as soon as I Gomm sends me his address. Players are only 3 tannas for ten and Woods 2 tannes ten but although smisters are cheaper out here I would rather go without and be back home. Well Syd theres not more to write at present so I will close now. Hoping this finds you and the rest of your family and also my folks Safe and Well as it leaves me.By the way if you write too Debytell her too write. Best regards to all at home. I ????? write soon take care of yourself Best of luck Syd.

From Harry"

POPPER Harry (I4510)
95 An extract from the United Synagogue register of information taken from Sarah Fox's pre marriage interview states that her father is dead.

FOX Moses Leib (I2238)
96 An image of the gravestone is on the "Find A Grave" web site ABRAMS Samuel David (I2726)
97 Ancestry.Com contains a copy of the following:-

Male Enemy Alien - Exemption From Internment - Refugee
Surname WEIL
Forenames Sally
Date and place of birth 23.12.1905 Konken
Nationality German
Police regn . Cert. No. 767987
Home Office ref. C2898
Address Kitchener Camp, Richborough, Sandwich Kent
Occupation Salesman
Decision of Tribunal exempted "C" & 9a
Date 21.10.1939
Exempted Article 6(A) yes
Desire to be repatriated No.
WEIL Sally (I2243)
98 contains a manifest for the S.S. Washington arriving in New York USA from Southampton, England on 21st. December 1937 with passengers Joseph CAIDEN age 33, a merchant, with Bertha, age 31, Edna Fay, age 8 and Ruth Adele, age 2. CAIDEN Joseph (I0130)
99 family tree shows Leah b. 1895 m. Marks. No other details BERMAN Leah (I4858)
100 has the burial record under US Veterans Gravesites.

Name Allen B KODISH.
Death date 20 January 1945.
Internment date 21 November 1949.
Cemerery address: Box 349, Vicksburg, MS 39180.
Buried at: Section 34 Site 4764. 
KODISH Allen B (I2466)

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