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201 Born Derek LEVY. Name changed by deed pole in 1948 LESTER Derek (I0181)
202 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MERCER Joshua James (I2529)
203 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BERG Daniel Alexander (I4429)
204 Bruce Goldsmith e-mail dated 22 Sep 2002 stated Leonard died 6 Apr 2002. The Social Security Death Index gives the date as 4 Jun 2002. SADIN Leonard (I0483)
205 Bruce GOLDSMITH gave Marie's maiden name as WISNETSKI however her son Glenn SADIN corrected this to VISNETSKI WISNETSKI Mary (I0549)
206 Bruce Goldsmith in an e-mail dated 18 October 2002 gave his father's birth as 1919. David Goldsmith has provided more precise details and I have assumed these are the correct details. GOLDSMITH Max (I0531)
207 Bruce Goldsmith in an e-mail dated 22 Sept 2002 stated that her name was Beatrice and she was born in 1914

SSN issue in IL.

Martin her son stated in e-mail dated 23 Dec 2003

a) Her birth certificate says Bessie
b) She described her condition as " I'm not blind I just can't see " 
SADIN Beatrice Carol (I0484)
208 C.f. Vicki WOOLFSON's marriage certificate WOOLFSON Joseph (I4134)
209 Carol Portnoi Jacobs in her e-mail said that her grandmother was called Riwe on the passenger list of the SS Cedric at Ellis Island

Ev Jacobswon wrote in Feb 2004 that grandma Riva was the eldest child and grew up with Hershel as they were neighbours.

In May 2004 the Latvian State Historic Archive said that her name was Etta-Riva, born in 1872, and married David Portnoi son of Selik. 
ZHERDIN Rebecca (I0494)
210 Carol Portnoi Jacobs wrote on 24 Feb 04 that her father arrived at Ellis Island in 1906 aboard the SS Cedric from Liverpool England with his mother Riwe aged 33 and siblings Seide ( Sadie) aged 10, Rochel(Ray) aged 7, Jte(Ida) aged 5 Selig(Al) aged 4 PORTNOI Isidore (I0517)
211 Cause of death: 1(a) intracerebral haemorage (b)hypertension TOBOVITCH AKA SID TAYLOR Sydney (I2487)
212 Cause of death: 1(a)heart failure (b)chest bronchitis DENNINGBERG Harry (I2561)
213 Cause of death: 1) cancer of the colon (2)Intestinal obstruction for two months LEMPERT Eida (I2651)
214 Cause of death: 1a) Myocardial infarct 1b) Mitral stenosis 2) Carcinoma of stigmoid colon ZAVADSKY Sadie (I2196)
215 Cause of death: 1a. carcemia b. retention of urine c. benign enlargement of prostate 2. Angina KEIDAN Michael (I2652)
216 Cause of death: 1a. coronary thrombosis b. left ventrical failure BAIREN Annie (I2483)
217 Cause of death: 1a. Essential hypertension CAIDAN Joseph Hyman (I2946)
218 Cause of death: 1a. Respiatory & cardiac failure b. Broncho pneumonia TOBOVITCH Helen (I2498)
219 Cause of death: carcinoma of breast KICKMAN Gertie (I2233)
220 Cause of death: Carcinoma of the stomach with deep ulcerations CAIDAN Solomon (I2805)
221 cause of death: corony SUGARMAN Ziskin Sidney Cecil (I2895)
222 Cause of death: corony atheroma ZUKERMAN Abraham (I2888)
223 Cause of death: Corony thrombosis DUNGEY Frederick Charles (I2623)
224 Cause of death: Malignent disease of abdomen MOSES Julius (I2301)
225 Cause of death: murdered by thieves SCOURY Joseph (I2492)
226 Cause of death:Haemorrhage from perforation of ulcer of the oesophagus.
ZAVADSKI Jacob (I2208)
227 Causes of death: acute renal failure as a consequence of cerebal vascular disease. PORTNOI Isidore (I0517)
228 Certificate no. 29233 Family F1163
229 Certificate of Naturalization states:-

Whereas Henry Kutner, an Alien residing at 19 Gun Street, Bishopsgate in the County of London.... praying for a Certificate of Naturalization and alleging that he is a subject of Russia, having been born at Aleksander, in the Province of Ietrikoff, on 15th April 1870, and is the son of Solomon and Rebecca Kutner, both subjects of Russia - a Woollen Merchant - is married and has three children under age, viz:- Nathan, aged 18 years, Abraham, aged 15 years, and Solomon, aged 13 years.

Now in pursuanceof the authority given to me by the said Acts, I grant the aforesaid Henry Kutner, this certificate and declare that he is hereby naturalized as a British Subject....

In witness whereof I have hereto subscribed my name this 26th day of March 1913

I Henry Kutner swear by Almightly God that I will be faithful and bear true allegience to His Majesty King George the Fifth, His Heirs and Successors.

Sworn and subscribed 31 March 1913. 
Family F502
230 Chaim may have had a popular cafe in a main square in the city. Source Godfrey FISCHER FISCHER Chaim (I3156)
231 Chaja CYNKUS arrived in the USA September 1932 aboard the SS Pulaski with her mother Sura and brother Salomon (who married Miriam ZAWADSKY)Her age was given as 13. CYNKUS Irene (I4260)
232 Chaje Feige came to America with her mother. Her father opened an account with the Rosenbaum Bank in America on 24 July 1912 and she travelled on the Rosenbaum Steamship Company. N.B. The transcript of the Baltimore Passenger List 1820-1948 states Chaje Feige was 2 years old on arrival. The 1920 Census states her age as 7 years.  ZAWADSKI Chaje Feige (I3766)
233 Chana married a man named SHKLIAROVITCH PRESMA Chana (I3023)
234 Changed name to Leslie LESTER by deed poll in 1948 LEVY Elias (I2115)
235 Christine Usdin translated the Varaklani death records for contained under record no. 14the following:-

12 December 1870 in Varaklani PREZMA Zalmanson of Itzikdied at the age of 48 from Tabes.

This must be a different Zalman PREZMA son of Itzsik. He was born in 1822 and died 27 years beforet the 1897 Census
PRESMA Zalman-Nison (I3016)
236 Clifford's birth certificate shows his name as Clifford KICKMAN. The birth was registered in District- Essex South Western, County- Essex, Vol 4A Page 322 KICKMAN Clifford (I2266)
237 Contacted by Jeff Sugarman, July 2003 CAIDAN Cyril (I2840)
238 Cremated at West Herts Crematorium, St Albans Road, Garston, Watford, Herts, England BELGROVE Christine Hilda (I2255)
239 DAD,
Your children were one of the greatest joys of your life. You showed and said this
to us and did wonderfully honor your role as a father. You devoted your life, love
and work to bring us happiness.
You left us the freedom to be who we were and follow our own paths.
You offered us this so ancient Jewish tradition which we each carry in our hearts in
our own way.
With mum you built the basis for a close and united family. Until your last
moments we stayed united and close to you. I promise to do all I can that we
always stay close together, for ever.
Dad, in illness you showed courage and dignity.
Dad, by your bedside I sang for you and learnt to understand what it means to
sing with all ones heart as I sang Hebrew, French and African songs.
Suddenly it came to me, a song that links us. On my first journey in Africa in
1997, to Togo, I bought some cassettes at a market and listened to them on my
return to France. One piece caught my attention. It was a choral accompanied by
drums singing the start of the Jewish prayer ?Shema Israel? with an African
melody. I do not know where that cassette is now but the first words of this song
came back to me with clarity. I sang it to you with all my heart, a prayer, our
prayer. A prayer for both of us : me the traveler-ethnologist inspired by African
culture and you who had the faith, the people and the land of Israel in your heart
and at the heart of your life.
And then Dad by your bedside, how many times I repeated as a prayer ?I love you?
so that the meaning and the sounds of those words will resonate for ever.
And so many times I also whispered to you ?be in peace?.
Yesterday, today and for ever be in peace.
Let all of us share this feeling of peace with you.
Evenou shalom alehem,
Father, I love you.
Vincent, your son ? 8 September 2016.
KICKMAN Clifford (I2266)
240 Daniel DORTER in her family history states " In 1898 Henry married Minnie GOLDBERG" I was previously give the name Minnie JCZUNKA.  JCZUNKA Minnie Balie (I2308)
241 Danielle Dorter records :-

a) Father was a 66 years old farmer when born. If this were true he would be 71 when Abram-Szloma was born. For this reason I have ignored this fact. She also states wife 24 ( or 27 ) years old. No names are mentioned. This has been verified in Herszka's marriage certificate to Sara-Mariem.

b) Drafted into Russian army 1902. Age would have been 23 yrs. This seems too old for draft.

c ) Went to England c 1902 to be with brother and to escape draft.

d) Arrived in USA in 1904. Ellis Island records a Henry Kaufman arriving from Dover, Kent, England aboard the Deutschland on 22 Sept. 1904. Upon arrival stated "staying with cousins"

e) First lived as a border in an apartment on Lower East side

f) Worked in sweat shop.

e) His wife and children followed in 1906.

e) Moved into own apartment on Lower East Side

Pauline said that Henry worked in Max's ( Mortek) sweat shop  
KAUFMAN Chanuch (I2304)
242 Danielle Dorter states :-

a)The Kaufman family lived at 279 Broome Street when Netti was born
b)Netti went to Public School at 188 Manhatten. Graduated in 1927
c)Netti went to Seward Park High School and took a commercial course. Graduated 1935
d)After granuation she worked as a book-keeper in Kaufman Carpets
e)Netti met Sam on blind date Thanksgiving 1936

Pauline said that Nettie died the Wednesday before Thanksgiving  
KAUFMAN Nettie (I2315)
243 Danielle Dorter states that Pauline was the first of the family born with help of a midwife

Ruth Dorter said as a young woman worked as a pickle packer. The family used to sing "Pauline Ponchick pickle packer". Pauline corrected this statement by saying that she only worked in the pickle factory for one summer whilst she was studying. She was infact a hairdresser for 48 years and helped her husband build up a business of three beauty parlours.

Her hobby was amateur dramatics which she did for many years.

KAUFMAN Pauline (I2314)
244 Danielle Dorter states:-

a) After fathers death played hooky from school to work. Eventually dropped out of school.
b) Lived above store for 15 years

Ruth Dorter says :-

a) orphened by age of 9 yrs
b ) Lived in tenament block
c) Met Netti at 5 Nov party when Netti was 19 yrs
d) Lived in Williamsburg.
DORTER Samuel (I2354)
245 Danielle DORTER wrote on her family history book " Nettie's father, Henry KAUFMAN, was born in 1879 to a 66 year old farmer and his 27 year old wife." If this was accurate then Henry's father was born in 1813. KIKMAN Herzka Szlamowicz (I2302)
246 Date of birth extracted from ITC record of transportation to Camp de Gurs, France on 22 Oct 1940
SENDER Linda (I2247)
247 Date of birth taken from 1939 Register. MAYNWALEK Hinda Sara (I3732)
248 Date of death based upon the fact that her daughter Jenta's daughter Sheine-Feiga Mednicov was born on that date and would not have been given the same name as a living grandmother PRESMA Sheine-Feiga (I0003)
249 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Fanny (I4308)
250 Date of death extracted from Max's gravestone ZAWADSKI Moszek Mendel aka Max (I3751)

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