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1 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ZHERDIN A SET OF FAMILY NOTES (I452)
2 A search for Sonia's birth certificate produced two entries namely:-

Registration District: Help Surrey North Eastern
County: Surrey
Year of Registration: 1942
Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Mother's Maiden Name: Davy
Volume No: Help 2A
Page No: Help 23

BRETHERICK Sonia (I4531)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GAL Dalit (I0660)
4 In a later translation Andzej Seler stated that this could mean that he was named after his mother because the marriage was not formally registered with the authorities. The children were treated as illigitimate and took the mothers name. Later when the marriage was formally registered they could revert to the fathers name. Some did revert. Some stayed Kaufman  KIKMAN Szloma Herzkowicz (I2361)
5 Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony submitted 47 April 2010by Mikhael MOGER states that Lea daughter of Yacob and Taiba was murdered in as mass killing in August 1941 ZHERDIN Hena-Leah (I471)
6 Yad Vashem states that Merka Zerdina born 1 February 1899 had her passport handed into the Riga. A copy of the passport in at the Yad Vashem web site including a photograph. ZHERDIN Merka (I226)
7 " Find A Grave" state that he died 5th April 1951. ABRAMS Allan Richard (I2728)
8 "Find A Grave" Memorial ID 140434283 ABRAMS Allan Richard (I2728)
9 .
1939 UK Register lists living at 196 Cassland Road the following:-
Solomon RICKMAN, no DOB, Male, Fishmonger shop, Married.
Jessie ROSEN (RICKMAN) DOB 06 Apr 1893, Female, Unpaid domestic duties, Married
Heya (Fanny) WEIL (RICKMAN) DOB 11 Jun 1907, Female, Saleswoman, Single.
Max HICKMAN (RICKMAN) DOB 12 Aug 1915 Male, Taxi-driver
Freda MOSS(RICKMAN) DOB 30 Apr 1920, Female Dressmaker Machinist, Single.
Note the actual records show all family members as KICKMAN

KIKMAN Abram-Szloma (I2230)
10 .
A descendant of David-Behr is the Russian painter Boris ZHERDIN who, in 2011, lived in America.
ZHERDIN David-Behr (I3640)
11 .
Abraham SADIN's military registration card records the following:-

2. Place of residence 2167 Cruger Avenue Bx., N.Y.
5. Age 62 Date of birth. June 14 1879
6. Place of birth. Viln. Russia
7. Rebecca Sadin, 21267 Cruger Ave
8. Employer Max Milstein
9. Place of Employment 230 W 39th Street N.Y. N.Y.
ZHERDIN Abram-Jankel (I0005)
12 .
An Airgraph dated 19 September 1943 is addressed to:-
1081689 D/M ZERDIN S.
126 A/TK BTY R.A.

It is difficult to read but appears to say:-

" I was very pleased to recieve your Airgraph dated 21-6-43 and too know you are keeping well, your Airograph has been quite a while reaching me. Florrie has wrote and I must congratulate you on the Baby Boy and I am also glad to know that they are both well. I am glad to know that Ben is alright but he has not wrote to me for a while.

I suppose you have heard that Bob is a prisoner of war in Jap hands but he is safe and well. I am going to send him something as soon as I Gomm sends me his address. Players are only 3 tannas for ten and Woods 2 tannes ten but although smisters are cheaper out here I would rather go without and be back home. Well Syd theres not more to write at present so I will close now. Hoping this finds you and the rest of your family and also my folks Safe and Well as it leaves me.By the way if you write too Debytell her too write. Best regards to all at home. I ????? write soon take care of yourself Best of luck Syd.

From Harry"

KZ notes
1) I have tried to copy the letter exactly.
2) I am not sure that Gomm is what was written
3) Players and Woods (Woodbines)were cigarettes that were sold in packets of 10
4) A tanner was 6d.(approximately 2.5p)so that the packets of ten cost either 5p or 7.5p
5) I cannot decifer the word prior to write.
6) Initially I thought that Harry was his brother but I am now certain that he was a brother-in-law on the POPPER side of his family.
ZERDIN Simon aka Sid (I0038)
13 .
Findmypast displays the following. In the 1939 Register living at 311 Mile End Road, Stepney, London England are:-

Nat RICHENBERG DOB 01 Aug 1901, male, tailor (Master) single
Betty RICHENBERG DOB 23 Feb 1911, female, fur sewing machinist, single
Sophie (Shifra, Sophia) CAPLAN (RICHENBERG) DOB (23 Feb 1911 female fur sewing machinist, single.

N.B. She married Albert CAPLAN on 26 June 1955. I assume that Findmypast has made the connection. 
RICHENBERG Nathaniel (I3743)
14 .
Jewish Chronicle 8 October 2010 announcement
"BERKO. Natasha and David are thrilled to announce the safe arrivalof their precious twin daughters, Orelia Leah and Mollie Zahava, on September 11, 2010. Mazeltov to elated grandparents and great-grandparents Rena Slackman, Evelyn and Aron Zylberszac, Margot Mamane and Phyliss Berko." 
BERKO Daniel (I3760)
15 .
The 1911Census for England and Wales shows living in three rooms at 25 Kinder Street, Commercial Road, E. the following:-

Solomon KICKMAN, head, age 26, married, carman mineral water trade for a confectioners and mineral water, a worker, birthplace Russia resident, nationality Russian
Sarah KICKMAN, wife, age 25,married 5 year, 2 children born 2 children living birthplace Russia resident, nationality Russian
Fanny KICKMAN, daughter, age 4, birthplace London County of, nationality Russian
Debigh KICKMAN, daughter, age 1, birthplace, London, Middlesex, nationality.
In addition to the family there were two boarders Isaac and Jack WOOLFSTEIN age 26 and 29 both from Kishinoff Russia.

KIKMAN Abram-Szloma (I2230)
16 .
The following is a translation of Gedaliah KEIDAN's militry record book and militry discharge card

Page 1 Left

The service list #12

Gdaliy Yoselevich
Company drummer

Beginning of the service: 1st January 1898

Released into military reserve: August 1901

Drafted by:
Ryzhitsk Regional Military

Registered into


The circumstances of the service when drafted from reserve, - i.e. participation in military
campaigns, acquired wounds or mutilations, also medals, awards and being given a higher
military rank.

Page 1 Right

Kaidon Gdaliy Yoselevich
Company drummer
1. Drafted into military service by Ryzhitsk region military office of the 3rd catchment area.
Beginning of the service 1st January 1898
2. From: Meschanin [1] (lower middle class Interpreter)
3. Religion: Judaism, single, illiterate.
4. Service commenced: 1 January 1898
5. Served in: Ahaltsihsk Regiment
6. Released into army reserve: August 1901
7. Trade: was not taught
8. In military campaign: was not involved
9. Medals and awards: not awarded
10. Fined (reprimanded): has not been

Interpreter note:
Meschanin [1] -lower middle class

When drafted in Ryzhitsk Regional Military Office was given the following things issued by the government:

After the call up was stationed in:

Ryzhitsk Regional Military Chief
Lieutenant colonel P???

Secretary S???.


During the travel to the army

Service list #12 1898

Page 2


4. Was drafted into the military service by the Ryzhitskiy regional military office; according to the call up list #12 in 1897 year November 1st; the commencement of the service to be from 1898 year January 1st

5. In campaigns did not participate

6. Awards: Was not awarded

Page 3


7. Due to the achievements in the military training, could he be included into the personnel of reserve army? can not be

8. During the service was taught:

9. What trade does he know: currier

10. Was listed in the army book under # 42

11. Age (date of birth): b. 1876 year, date and month unknown

Married or single: single

Page 4

13. Religion: Judaism

14. Released *): into the army reserve
a) province Vitebsk
b) region Ryzhitsk
c) area
d) (town, settlement, village) town Velionsk

15. This Card was written in The Camp near town Mogiliov province. 1901 year August 16th

#2647 (as in the source book)


The Regiment Commander
Colonel ???
The Regiment Adjutant
Lieutenant Tiurikov

Page 5

If the drummer Kaidan upon his recruitment to the active military service would bring with him his own boots with the boot top being not shorter then 9 vershoks[1], still good for another 6 months and underwear, quite suitable to wear for another year, then upon his arrival to his army base these things could be included into the treasury and he would be paid money for them.
For the period until 1 January 1904, the prices for 1901 year August 16th have been set as follows:
for a pair of boots 5 kopeks roubles,
for a shirt 50 kopecks
and for one under- wear trousers 35 kopeks.
Such things could be included: no more then one pair of boots, two shirts and two underwear trousers.
On top of that if the recruitment would be announced from 1stSeptember till 1st February, then for the warm clothes brought would be paid:
for a short sheepskin coat 4 roubles
for gloves 26 kopeks
for hats 11 kopeks
and for the smooth woollen portianki [2] or instead of it for stockings or socks (the latter no more than two pairs) 72 kopeks

Interpreter notes:
[1]Old Russian unit of length equal to approx.13/4 inches.
[2] foot wrapping worn in place of socks

Page 6.


The entry of the Regional Army Chief about arrival to the place of permanent residency
and about the time of arrival in the event of the call up.

Identified in this card Kaidan presented himself to the Ryzhitsk Regional Military Chief in 1901 year, September 1st; his card was registered in the Alphabet List in Book #6 of lower ranks in reserve in 1898. In the event of the call up should present himself to the call up unit in the town of Ryzhitsk two days after the announcement of the call up.
Regional Chief
Lieutenant colonel ??.

Secretary ????

Page 7


The entry of the Regional or Town Police Department about the arrival to the place of permanent residency.

The said Kaidan was entered in the Al phabet List of lower ranks in reserve in Ryzhitsk Police Department in the Book of 1898 under #6 ? September 21 in 1901.

The assistant of the Official ?..
Secretary ????
The Chief of ??. Department ??..

Page 8


The entry of the County or Gminnoe Department about the arrival at the place of permanent residence.

Kaidan was registered in the Alphabet List of the lower ranks in the Police office of the
2nd Ryzhitsk Department under #4.
The Card was given to him personally, resides in Velionsk[?]
1901, September 25th.

Police Chief of Ryzhitsk Department ??

Page 9


The notes of the relevant Departments or officials about the changes in the places of permanent residence.

Page 10

Page 11

Priest notes and notes about the loss:

Page 12
The notes on temporary absence and the return from such.

Kaidon is given leave to go to L[?]ordvinsk 1904 May 18th

Police officer of the 2nd Department
Ryzhitsk region ??????..

Pages 13-18

Page 19

Entries about the service undertaken on the basis of agreeing to such employment:
a) on railways
b) in post-telegraph department
c) on board of commercial vessels.

Pages 20-21

Entries about participation in the military training camps1902 year. Presented himself for the military service in:

The entry is made at the Department of the Regional Military Chief (black ink stamp) upon the call up to the active service (look at form with Order # 205 issued in 1876)

Page 22

This envelope contains the Military Service Record List, which can be taken out at the Regional Department of the Military Chief in the event of the call up to the service.

Page 23

Along this line [1] the page is taken out or cut out a the Regional or
Police Department the time of the call up to the active service.

Gdaliy Haidan

The year in which the service commenced and ## of Alphabet Lists:
of Regional and Police Departments

Interpreter note.
[1] ? the line is vertical in the middle of page 23.

Page 24

Gdaliy Haidan


Page 3


(could not be used as a residence permit)

The service Company Drummer Army unit term
1898r 162 p.p

Page 5

(could not be used as a residence permit)

The service Company Drummer Army unit term
1898r 162 p.p

Page 6


(could not be used as residence permit)
The service Company Drummer Army unit term
1898r 162 p.p

(could not be used as a residence permit)

1. The bearer of the card Company Drummer Gdaliy Yoselevich Kaidan
2. 162 Ahaltsihskiy Infantry Regiment 7th Company
3. Released into reserve on 29 August 1901 for the period until 31 December 1915.

KEIDAN Gedaliah (I0013)
17 10 June 1895. Joseph was living at 106 Chicksand Street when he was admitted to Chicksand Street School.
Source Anmcestry.Com. 
BEERMAN Joseph Henry (I4861)
18 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ZERDIN Emma Sarah (I0036)
19 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. ROSENBERG Millicent (I2694)
20 1897 All Russia Census shows Abram and Itka living at Mitauskava Orlovskya 24-6 house of ICHLOV in Dvinsk ZHERDIN Itke Etie - maiden name unknown (I3636)
21 1897 All Russia Census states Itka's father is Berka Berka (I321)
22 1897 First All Russian census gives his age as 14 years
KONOPKA Fiszko (I4758)
23 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KRASNEY Davis (I231)
24 1901 Census for England shows son Cooshill born 1892 KRASNY Casiel (I3627)
25 1901 Census shows living at 3 Cannon street Road, the following:-

Joseph KOSMINSKI, head, married, age 46 tailors presser, born Poland
Sarah KOSMINSKI, wife, married, age 41, born Ploand
Nellie KOSMINSKY, daughter, single, age 18, tailoress, born London
Louis KOSMINSKI, son, single, age15, button hole maker, born London
Morris KOSMINSKI, son, single, age 13, born London
Abraham KOSMINSI, son, single, age 11, born London
Isaac KOSMINSKI, son, single, age 9, born London
Simon KOSMINSKI, son, single, age 7, born London
Miriam KOSMINSKI, daughter, single, age2, born London.

The Census then shows another 8 people living at the same address. I believe this is a mistake and they lived next door.  
KOSMINSKI Joseph (I3127)
26 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. KRASNEY Davis (I231)
27 1911 Census game age as 9 years old and at school FOX Benjamin (I3237)
28 1911 Census provided London as place CAIDAN Joseph Hyman (I2809)
29 1920 Census states that Ida came to USA with her mother in 1905 lived with her parents and worked in New York as a sales lady. KAUFMAN Ida (I2310)
30 1921 Census shows living at 1 Brecon Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire the Pesquero family born in Spain and Wales together with:-

Manuela LORENZO, a niece of the head of the family, David PESQUERO, female, birth year 1911, age 10 birth place Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, both parents alive, in whole time education.
LORENZO Manuela (I2598)
31 1921 England Census show living in 3 rooms at 9/67 Lower Buildings the following:-

Gedaliah CAIDEN, Head,45 years 8 months male married birthplace Russia Vitebsk, Nationality Resident Russian, boot and shoe repairer employer A Goodman of Retreat Place, Paragon Road, Hackney E.9.
Deborah CAIDEN, Wife, 46 years 8 months married birthplace Russia Vitebsk, Nationality Resident Russian,Resident married birthplace Russia Vitebsk, Nationality Resident Russian, Home duties.
Morris CAIDEN, Son, 18 years 2 months, Single, birthplace Russia Vitebsk, Nationality Resident Russian, Diamond mounter, employer Lawrence & Gold Manufacturing Jewellers 82 Grays Inn Road W.C.1
Joseph CAIDEN, Son 16 years7 months Single, birthplace Russia Vitebsk, Nationality Resident Russian, Full time education.
Lena CAIDEN, Daughter, 14 years 4 months, Both (parents) alive. birthplace, London Hackney, British, part time education, home duties.
Israel CAIDEN, Son, 12 years 10 months, male, London Hackney, British, whole time education.
KEIDAN Gedaliah (I0013)
32 1930 Census states Abram was 25 years old when married. Family F049
33 1930 Census states father from Austria.
GOLD Jacob (I0523)
34 1939 Register includes at 43 Ickburgh Road, Upper Clapton, Hackney, London, England:-

Morris CAIDEN, birth date 20 Apr 1903 Male, Lad Haulage Frames Unemployed Married
Rose CAIDEN, birth date 10 Nov 1903 Female, Unpaid Domestic Duties. Married.
SILVERMAN Rosa (I0106)
35 1939 Register living at 42 Danesbury Road, Feltham Middlesex, Harry ZAVADSKY DOB 7 October 1917, Male, Fabric worker aircraft, Single ZAVADSKY Harry (I2210)
36 1939 Register shows living at Rosyth Dorking Road, Great Bookham, Leatherhead, Surrey Rose RICHENBERG DOB 3 December 1908 Female, Unpaid Domestic Duties, Single, with Annie RICHENBERG DOB 3 November 1879 Female, Incapacitated, Widowed. REICHENBERG Rose (I3739)
37 1950 U S Census includes on 1 April 1950 living at 2729 S @ Fifth Street@Reel, Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania with parents & brother ABRAMS Allan Richard (I2728)
38 20 April 2018 Adrienne said that her Hebrew name is Chaya-Sora. This was the name of her paternal great-grandmother Haja-Sora KODIS born in 1849 in Livani, Latgale Latvia.  ZERDIN Adrienne Sheila (I0056)
39 38 years of age on 1911 Census BLASCOVITCH Rifka (I297)
40 62 Overton Drive, where Clifford was born, was the address of Clifford's father's sister's brother-in-law, Sid and Polly ZERDIN. KICKMAN Clifford (I2266)
41 A Lejba KRUSZKIEWICZ, age 40, togeter with Eliasz KRUSZKIEWICZ, age 60, were witnesses to the registration of the birth of Herszek KELER on 21 December 1886. KRUSZKIEWICZ Lejb (I4371)
42 A letter from Clifford HICKMAN dated 16 February 2002 enclosed a photocopy of the K'tuba for the marriage of Freida and Rufus dated 26 July 1942 at Walthamstow and Leyton Synagogue, London, England  Family F179
43 A Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem submitted by Iablonka, who has submiited Pages of Testimony for many members of the Kikman family, states:-

Name - Hena KIKMAN
Father's first name - David
Mother's first name - Alte
Born - Zbojna
Marital status - Single
Date of Death - 1941
Place of Death - Lomza
Submitter's relationship - Acquaintance  
KIKMAN Hena (I2412)
44 A photograph of Millie is in the Media drop down menu above.
FOX Millie (I3232)
45 A photograph of Miriam's gravestone is under Headstones in the Media dropdown menu above
ZARDIN Miriam (I0046)
46 A schedule of Spanish people buried at Pant Cemerery including death records from St. Illytd's Church, Dowlais includes:-

Teresa LORENZO age 33 died 10 December 1920, male, a widow from St Tydfil's 44 Thomas Street. 
LORENZO Teresa (I3897)
47 A schedule of Spanish people buried at Pant Cemereryincluding death records from St. Illytd's Church, Dowlais includes:-

Jose LORENZO age 38 buried 16 December 1920, male, a gas man from 11 Bryn Selon Street, Dowlais. 
LORENZO Jose (I3895)
48 A search for Reginal's and Joan's birth certificate produced

Name: BRETHERICK, Reginald H
Name: DAVY, Joan L
Registration District: Help Surrey North Eastern
County: Surrey
Year of Registration: 1941
Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
Spouse's last name: Davy
Volume No: Help 2A
Page No: Help 51

Family F1052
49 A search for Reginald death certificate produced:-

Unit: Coldstream Guards
Rank: Guardsman
Number: 2659069
Year: 1944
Volume: 2
Page: 293
BRETHERICK Reginald Harold (I4529)
50 A searh for Reginald's birth certificate produced:-

Registration District: Help Great Ouseburn
County: Yorkshire
Year of Registration: 1921
Quarter of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Mother's Maiden Name: Anderson
Volume No: Help 9A
Page No: Help 146
BRETHERICK Reginald Harold (I4529)

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